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Increase Your 2023 Profits with Amazon Product Photography

Without physically seeing and touching the item, customers can rely on images to get an idea of what they are buying.

The Importance of Visuals in Online Shopping and Amazon

When people shop online, images are one of the essential factors in helping customers decide whether or not to purchase a product.

This is especially true for Amazon, where shoppers can choose from and purchase millions of products worldwide. There is even a saying, that you don’t sell products on Amazon. You sell images.

We at Uhlnation, an Amazon marketing agency, have helped countless customers increase their profits. We specialize in Amazon Creatives, Amazon product photography services, Amazon product videos, Amazon A+ content, and user-generated content.

According to our research, people respond to visuals better than other types of content because they can process pictures 60,000 times faster than text. This makes photography an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase their conversion rates and profits.

If you don’t know about using high-quality images to increase your profits with Amazon product photography, you could end up paying a ton. However, Uhlnation can show you how to increase your profits without investing a lot of money or advertising.

By using compelling images to showcase their products or services, you can capture the attention of potential customers and drive them toward making a purchase decision.

Additionally, Amazon product photos can be used to create an emotional connection with customers by showing them how your product will improve their life or solve a problem they may have.

Ultimately, photography can be a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates if you know how to use them correctly. Check out our guide on Amazon listing creation to get more information about that.

The quality of the pictures you use for your products can be a primary reason someone buys your product or chooses to buy a competitor’s product. In other words, Amazon product photography is vital, and using high-quality images can make or break a sale on Amazon.

Customers want to be able to see what they are buying so that they can make an informed decision about their purchase.

On the other hand, poor-quality photos can lead customers to believe that the product is not a good product and not worth their money, while good-quality images can help them feel confident in their purchase.

Additionally, having multiple angles and zoomed-in shots of the product helps customers better understand what they’re buying and makes them more likely to buy it.

Therefore, it’s essential for sellers on Amazon to provide clear and detailed images of their products if they want to maximize sales.

The quality of your Amazon product photography is essential for you as a seller to succeed on the platform.

To increase your profits in 2023, using quality images can be the difference between your products selling like crazy and no one wanting to buy them.

That’s why it’s so important to get it right.

To increase your 2023 profits, you need to learn how to take high-quality pictures that will highlight your products and position them to sell.

5 Tips To Optimize Your Amazon Product Photography

Growing your business on Amazon requires optimizing your photos. We at Uhlnation, recommend these 5 simple tips to boost your optimization and increase your profits in 2023:

  1. Creating a good concept
  2. Lighting the product correctly
  3. Using the right angles
  4. Utilize post-production tools
  5. Focus on your product descriptions

Creating a good concept

Creatinga concept when shooting photos for commercial use is essential for severalreasons. A concept is a clear and concise idea or plan that guides the creativedirection of the photo shoot. By having a concept, you ensure that the finalimages align with the intended message and purpose of your product. Make sure,that your concept has the following attributes:

  1. Clarity
    Your concept helps define the message that the photos are meant to convey. It not only includes the style of the images, but also the wording that you will use on each image. This helps to ensure that the final images accurately represent the brand, and the product, and speaks to the target audience.
  2. Efficient use of resources
    If you don’t have a plan, you will waste many resources since you don’t know what to do. By having a clear concept, you can work more efficiently with an agency or photographer together to achieve the desired look and feel of the Amazon listing. This can save time and resources compared to creating it without a concept.
  3. Unique images
    If you have ever bought some products on Amazon, you will know that 3 of 5 brands use the same stock images. If you use the same stock images, this hurts your brand reliability. A concept helps to create and find unique and memorable images that stand out from the competition. This can help to increase the impact of the marketing campaign and drive sales.

Lighting the product correctly

Proper lighting is essential in capturing a fantastic image that highlights your products. Depending on the size of your setup, use ring lights, softboxes, or studio strobes for lighting effects that sharpen the image.

As for backgrounds, choose neutral options and cover up any unnecessary distractions from the item itself.

Using the right angles

Get creative with angles that draw the customer’s eyes. You can do this by shooting from high above, placing props around the item e.g., shoes near shoe boxes, and keeping shadows visible but minimized.

The same holds for lifestyle shots. Find unique ways to style your items along with other goods or objects in exciting ways and inject personality into these shots by positioning models in poses that best showcase your products.

Photographing products properly can be a challenge. We typically recommend that you hire a professional for that. It saves you a ton of work and will bring you a higher conversion rate.

Utilize Post-Production Tools

The next step to optimizing your Amazon product photos is that once you’ve completed shooting all of your images, you need to focus on touch-ups and enhancements.

Color correction and retouching are part of the process and will help elevate your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary and masterpieces worthy of selling on Amazon.

There are dozens of tools for post-production. From amateur tools like Canva to add some copy, to professional tools like Photoshop.

Focus On Your Product Description

Optimizing your sales copy is the final step in making your Amazon product photography shine and increase sales. When you write your sales copy, include the features and benefits of your product early in the description.

You want to put features and benefits early because shoppers will look at the images, then quickly scan the images for the desired benefits they want before looking at reviews to inform their purchasing decisions.

Most customers don’t even read your product description. They are just scanning the images and checking the reviews. That’s all.

Customers want to clearly see what they are buying in seconds, meaning that high-quality images that inform a customer properly can make or break a sale on Amazon.

Your Amazon product photography is an essential part of your e-commerce business. It is the first thing that customers see when they are looking for a product, and it can make or break their decision to purchase.

If you’re ready to create product photos for Amazon that will grow your profits, schedule a quick call, and let’s talk today.

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